100 year old pianist lives dream of playing the Mighty Wurlitzer

4:39 PM, Mar 8, 2011   |    comments
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It's been 15 years at least since Elizabeth Deyoung took at seat at the Tennessee Theater.

"It's most special, most special," says Deyoung.

Not only is the Halls native front and center at the theater, on this day, she's the guest of honor at Mighty Musical Monday.

Deyoung doesn't mind the attention, after all, she's used to playing to a crowd. She's been tickling the ivories since age 6. And, Deyoung continues to lead the choir at Elmcroft Assisted Living in Halls.

While she loves the piano, Deyoung has always dreamed of the organ. However, over time, her dream faded.

"It was just always kind of put off, put off."

Well, no more! You see, as she soaks up every note played on the Mighty Wurlitzer, Deyoung looks forward to the final act- her moment in the spotlight.

"I'm just not really prepared. I'm just going along with the flow."

With the same confidence as a world renowned musician, Deyoung takes a seat at the Mighty Wurlitzer and plays an organ for the first time ever!

Her selection, the hymn "Amazing Grace."

"That's good to go, I guess," says Deyoung as she plays.

It's a moment she will never forget.

"I had the privilege of sitting there and even trying to play it. It was a great, great day. Thank you. Thank all of you for that because I enjoyed it."

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