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Ordered to shut down, pain clinic's doors remain open

6:36 PM, May 12, 2011   |    comments
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The violation from the City of Knoxville gave an immediate compliance date but more than 24 hours after being cited, Knoxville Health and Wellness appeared open for business Thursday.

Pointing to city zoning regulations, Knoxville told the clinic they'd have to move if they want to do business.  Their current location, 5222 Middlebrook Pike is zoned industrial and a medical clinic fits an office/medical zoning requirement.

Despite the violation and possible fine, a stream of customers left the pain clinic on Middlebrook just after 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon.  The clinic doctor was there as were a number of women wearing scrubs.

Around 2:20 p.m. the clinic locked its doors.

Court records show a man named Ronald Colandrea worked at a place called VIP Medical, also called the Wellness Center of Jacksonville in early December 2010.  Florida's Department of Health, assisted by the local sheriff's office shut down that facility in late December 2010 for not registering with the state.

According to Fire Marshal inspection records, the Knoxville Health and Wellness Center is owned by Denise Colandrea and Ronald Colandrea Jr..

Already, their Middlebrook Pike location is at least the second building they've run into problems with their neighbors. 

In West Knox County, off Center Park Drive, former neighbors say the clinic brought crowds to a strip mall style building there.  Just a few weeks ago, those neighbors say the clinic packed up and moved.

Knox County inspection records confirm the Colandreas owned that operation as well.  In fact, the county says the family still owes the county money for the inspection costs.

Today, a sign still sits on that Center Park door telling patients the facility has moved to Middlebrook Pike and city zoning officials believe they facility has another location off Papermill Drive in mind and will be reopening there relatively soon.

"She stated when I gave her the notice that they were moving over some issues they had with neighbors so I told her I suggest she check to make sure its in the proper zone before they move there," Anita Cash, Zoning Coordinator for the City of Knoxville said.

That new location is zoned properly for a medical clinic, according to Cash.

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