Man speaks about his brother's death at Henley Bridge

11:02 PM, May 26, 2011   |    comments
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On Tuesday, a man was killed working on the reconstruction of the Henley Bridge.

Thursday, his brother talks about his death, his life, and what it meant to be an illegal worker for a big company.

Solin Estrada Jimenez had plans of leaving his construction life behind.

"He was my brother. He was a good person and was a hard worker. I didn't feel good about the company, but he did because he worked there for fifteen years," explained his brother.

His brother, who wanted to remain anonymous, said 46 year-old Estrad Jimenez liked the work he did, but knew it's dangers and wanted to return home to Mexico soon.

His two daughters, wife and mother remained in the country.

His daughter was waiting to get married until her father came home.

"He sent money every week for their expenses. Some things he would buy here. He worked to care for his family," said his brother.

Estrada Jimenez's brother said he was an illegal worker.

He used the name "Rodolfo Bustillos" to gain employment with Britton Bridge LLC.

What the brother won't say is whether Britton Bridge knew he, and his son, who also worked for the company, were illegal.

A state executive order, signed by the Governor in 2006 prohibits any state entities from entering into a contract with a company who knowingly employs illegal immigrants.

At this point, no one has said if Britton Bridge knew if Estrada Jimenez was undocumented.

"There are a lot of things the company's not going to reveal: accidents that have happened here with the workers that they don't say," said his brother."

Estrada Jimenez's brother used to work for Britton Bridge LLC.

Now, the family is working on sending back Estrada Jimenez's body to Mexico to be buried.

T-DOT says as for the current suspension, which could take a week, Britton Bridge will not be given an extension on this project.

Also, a T-DOT Spokesman said the department is unaware of any undocumented workers employed by Britton Bridge.

And at last check, Britton Bridge certified all his employees were legal to work in the U.S

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