100's of students leave for annual Safety Patrol trip to DC

11:40 AM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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Hundreds of students who volunteer for the Safety Patrol at their schools got a lot more than a hall pass.  They got a trip to our nation's capitol.

Friday morning more than 1600 students piled into buses at Knoxville Center Mall, for AAA of East Tennessee's annual Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC. 

The students will spend four days in DC, and get a chance to tour some of our nation's landmarks.

"We'll be going into the Capitol and the kids will sit in the House of Representatives where the representatives actually sit. And Congressman Duncan sets that up for us," said Don Lindsey of AAA East Tennessee.

This is the 55th annual Safety Patrol trip.   This year's students come from more than 50 schools in East Tennessee.

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