Rules of the Road: Fast Lane Frustration

4:57 PM, Jun 8, 2011   |    comments
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Some drivers become annoyed with motorists who linger too long in the left lane of an interstate or multi-lane highways.

If you're one of those drivers who likes to hog the left lane, there is something you should know.  According to the Tennessee Department of Safety, a driver who violates the road rule could be ticketed for "failure to keep right".

"The rule says, and you'll see the sign on the interstate, slower traffic keep right except to pass.  So, unless you're passing on the interstate you're to keep in the right lane," said Lieutenant Don Baird with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The Lieutenant believes tailgating and road rage can be caused by motorists who linger in the left lane.

"The biggest danger is, maybe they're doing at or below the speed limit, so vehicles are going to try to pass them.  They're going to be passing on the right, which you can pass on the right, and that tends to lead to some crashes," Baird said.

Again, the rule applies to all multiple lane roads in Tennessee.  The Tennessee Highway Patrol said fines for that infraction could cost more than $200 in some cases.

The Tennessee Department of Safety files those fines as a "moving violation".  Therefore, they were unable to provide 10News with an exact number of "Failure to Keep Right" citations issued so far this year. 

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