What's Right with our Schools: Northview Middle

11:18 PM, Jun 15, 2011   |    comments
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Summer Vacation signals a break in tradition for students and their ongoing education.

Teachers in Sevier County are using creativity, compassion and unwanted cash to help students turn a corner. Camp Cougar at Northview Middle School in Kodak is a three week program designed to help 50 kids make friends, try new things and keep their education going strong during summer break. 

"We provide transporation to and from the program, we provide lunch and breakfast - through the free federal program summer feeding program and we also give them an opportunity to come in and approve their academics," said Principal Dr. Rene Walker. 

This week the camp focuses on the seven natural wonders of the world and a rock wall brought in by the National Guard, is Northview's hands-on-lesson about Mount Everest. 

"I got to climb a rock wall and rock walls are pretty fun so I think I would remember that day and remember what we learned," said rising 7th grader Tyler Dombrowski. 

The teachers who work the annual program said it also gives them a chance to develop bonds with students in a more comfortable setting. 

Those are the kind of lessons Northview Middle teachers hope students will remember when they go back to school and for the rest of their life. 

During the school year, the Camp Cougar program offers tutoring, both before and after school. Just like the summer break program the extra help is open to any Northview student free of charge.

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