What's Right With Our Schools: Jones Cove Elementary

10:58 PM, Jun 30, 2011   |    comments
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If you think kids put in too much couch and TV time in the summer, one East Tennessee school is working to get them up and out. 

One stop for summer school in Sevier County is Wonderworks.  This attention grabber starts the school day for some first through eighth graders. "It's very important cause it keeps my girls active," said parent Diane Bruce. 

Bruce said her girls have been exposed to activities they often might never have a chance to explore. "With the summer school program they have learned how to cook they've learned how to can things, they've gone on field trips and they've been physically active everyday, it's been awesome," explained Bruce. 

The Second stop for the Jones Cove summer camp is ziplines. While the ziplines were fun, they also provided the students with a healthy dose of life skills woven into each adventure.

"We made jewelry...made it professionally...we had drama class and it was like really fun...act out our own play," said Jessica Paulsell.

"The fitness class made me realize I needed to exercise and eat right and teaching you how to cook and everything that some people don't know how to do which is good," said Erica Paulsell.

According to organizers the two week summer program is now in its third year. It went from 12 to 26 students with a goal of including 50 next year. "We've also seen that in the fall that students who stay consistently in their after school program and in our summer school program that they show not just academic gains but also social gains," said Chad Loveday with the Jones Cove Summer Program. 

At the close of the final day of the summer program, students showed off a project that mixed their talents for science and art and gave them about their only chance to sit down. 

The program is funded through lottery funds from money winners never claimed. Jones Cove teachers plan to re-apply for the grant again next year.

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