Rules Of The Road: School Bus Safety

3:58 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
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Knox County students will begin boarding school buses in Knox County this Monday.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office estimates 30 bus crashes happen each year involving buses carrying Knox County school students.  The majority of those collisions are minor side mirror impacts between buses.

Johnny Reed drives a school bus for Gentry School Bus Lines in Knoxville.  He named the top three problems he notices while driving students to and from school.

He said the biggest problem bus drivers face is other motorist not stopping for the flashing stop sign on the side of the bus.

Reed said another problem is when motorists pass buses in hard to see areas such as hills and curves where students could be preparing to board the bus ahead.

The bus driver also said motorists turn left in front of his stopped bus constantly.

"Well, there may be children crossing that side of the street to get to the bus," Reed said.

The Knoxville Police Department will be monitoring school zones next week.

"We'll have officers posted in every school zone that falls within Knoxville's jurisdiction," KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk said.

As far as ways students can protect themselves on the bus if a crash is about to occur, Sergeant Roger Sexton with the Knox County Sheriff's Office said it's best if students remain seated.

"If you're standing up in a bus and it does crash you're going airborne," Sgt. Sexton said.

Sexton also brought up another good point.  He said parents should remind their kids not to cross the road until the school bus comes to a complete stop and the stop sign is out and flashing.

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