Rules of the Road: Driving School

5:45 PM, Aug 31, 2011   |    comments
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With the decline of Driver's Education classes in schools and the increase in texting and driving, Knoxville driving schools are packed full of new, young drivers.

Drive-Rite Driving School is trying to teach all the right maneuvers.

"Here we are taking the time to work with each kid. We go through a little slower pace and it's a little customized so we can find out what each kid needs," said owner Craig Smith.

Smith started this school in the 90's. He says not much has changed since he opened this school, "Same thing as we do today. Looking far ahead, adjusting your speed, and don't be over confident."

One big difference he said, however, are the major distractions in the car.

"What we are teaching now is distracted driving. From cell phones to I-pods to CD's," explained Smith.

Student, Theresa von Clef said she won't text and drive. The goal of the driving school is to create safe and alert drivers.

"I don't think I'll be doing that, but I do see people on the road doing that (texting and driving)," explained von Clef.

The class meets every ten days and it is a voluntary AAA class. There are several like it across East Tennessee.

Since many schools have cut drivers education programs, this is now a more popular option for families. Students can receive up to 36 hours of instructional and behind the wheel experience.

Through the videos and the paper work, parents hope paying the couple hundred dollars will be worth it. They hope their student learns the rules of the road.

It is not just for teenagers. Adults can also take refresher driving courses and traffic school at the driving school.

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