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Rules of the Road: Night Driving

8:35 PM, Sep 21, 2011   |    comments
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Most motorist will regularly get behind the wheel at night. However, most drivers then face the problem of headlights shining in their eyes.

Vincent Stormes took matters into his own hands. 

"I went ahead and had the entire truck tinted. All four windows in the back five percent or limo tint as it's often called, but I had the front door in one piece, that's about a 20 percent tint," said Stormes. 

Stormes had to get a permit from the Tennessee Department of Safety to tint his windows dark. Tint on the windshield helps to reduce glare. 

Most drivers don't have the medical exemption needed for dark windows and even if they do, police said all drivers need to slow down at night. 

Driving instructors said visibility is reduced by as much as 50% when the sun goes down, the most dangerous time to drive is during twilight. Instructors said you should increase your following distance, be aware of your surroundings and be careful that you don't look into bright lights. 

That is exactly what Storms said he does even though his truck is tinted. 

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