Former opponents endorse Padgett; Rogero questions that support

7:02 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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Election day is less than five weeks away, and both mayoral candidates are staying busy on the campaign trail.

Wednesday morning, Mark Padgett announced endorsements from former opponents Ivan Harmon, Joe Hultquist, and Bo Bennett.   Knox County Sheriff JJ Jones is also supporting Padgett.
Padgett says he and the other candidates reached out to each other after last week's primary, and he's honored that they chose to throw their support behind him.

"I'm humbled by the support of these guys, coming out and fully endorsing and supporting me. They've been public servants for years and leaders in our community and I'm just humbled by their support and appreciate it. And look forward to November and making this a hard fight," said Padgett. 

Madeline Rogero responded to Padgett's announcement with a news conference of her own at the Three Rivers Market in North Knoxville.

She accused Padgett of "making deals" with the other candidates to endorse him, before the primary even took place.

Rogero also questioned the source of some of his support.

"He's got county people, county politicians, and that's what he comes out of. I think people in the city need to recognize that we don't want the kind of county politics we've seen in the past. We want the kind we had in the Haslam administration, which has been good, clean government, and working in a positive manner with our council, with our community, with businesses to help Knoxville grow," said Rogero.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8.

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