Knoxville fire crews help deliver baby on I-40

10:57 PM, Oct 11, 2011   |    comments
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Members of the Knoxville Fire Department helped to deliver a Miracle of Life on Tuesday night. 

KFD responded to a call after leaving a fire alarm in the West Hills area. They were told to go to I-40 Eastbound around Bridgewater Road near mile marker 396. 

Crews were reporting that a woman in a car was having contractions and the "birth was imminent." They said her contractions had gone from ten minutes apart to two minutes apart. 

One firefighter said they arrived on the scene and immediately did all they could to help. "We got the OB kit out, got the tools necessary, got the birthing kit...the baby was there so we got towels for the mother and the baby to clean the baby off. We clamped the umbilical cord and then suctioned out the baby's mouth and nose," said Senior KFD Firefighter Eric Riseden. 

After KFD helped deliver the baby, they passed the newborn and mother off to Rural Metro, but they said they both appeared to be doing fine.

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