UT students given gift of recycling

4:59 PM, Oct 12, 2011   |    comments
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Some UT students were handed a gift Wednesday that will help them save money and protect the environment.

UT is celebrating its sixth annual, month-long "Power Challenge" with a sustainability week. 

The group "UT Recycling" gave away 600 reusable mugs on campus this afternoon, and encouraged students to sign a pledge, committing to move from disposable to reusable products.

If students use the mugs at campus dining facilities they can get coffee or a soft drink at a discounted price. 

"We want to reduce the amount of waste coming from campus, especially the paper cups that some place like Starbucks or Einstein's gives us. They cannot be recycled because they have a waxy coating. So we have the potential to keep 100,000 cups a year out of a landfill with this project," said Emmy Waldhart,
Assistant Recycling Coordinator.

The activities continue Thursday night at UT, with a light bulb exchange.

Current student residents can take their incandescent light bulbs to any residence hall lobby from five to eight, and trade them for new compact fluorescent bulbs for free.

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