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Darin' Erin: More like Scarin' Erin

6:56 PM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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Halloween is in the air and what better way to celebrate the craziness than to head to a haunted attraction?

So when the folks over FrightWorks invited Photographer JJ and I to spend some time we decided to go. I went last year and actually lived through it, although I could not talk for a few days and I was scarred by a clown asking me about smells and skittles.. **shudder** let's move on.

We were met by a host of folks who are behind the scaring. Rob dared me to be one of the characters in the attraction. I am pretty sure there is no reason that I should have ever been allowed to scare anyone, since I am such a chicken. But ok.

We headed to the costume room where Photographer JJ and I had a little fun and then I finally decided on an outfit after the Yeti, Scooby Doo and some other characters were tried on. Off I went to change and then whisked off to make-up. I was thinking just a touch-up, but NO the latex was stuck to my face and Taylor went crazy making me into a scary scary person. As I sat there I saw goblins and little horned critters of sort. I'm still not sure what I am in for.

I'm pretty sure the most entertainment was when we decided to put red contacts in my eyes. Since I had the latex mask on I was afraid to ruin it so these poor actors are trying not to put their fingers in my eyes. Good fun... and now I have fangs and creepy red eyes. I am ready! If you could hear the sounds that are coming from the others you might be scared before you even walked into Dream Reavers.

We head back to my haunt. Now I can't tell you all the secrets, but I had to learn how to man a mirror and a trap be quiet and try not to snort. Let's just say that I had to hold my molded nose a few times after I scared someone. I think I also shut Photographer JJ's arm in the door. Hey, they said scare and then disappear - not wait for the guy with the camera to get his arm back in so that you don't crush his funny bone. Sorry Photographer JJ for causing you a little pain... heh.

My favorite family was the one with the poor woman who, like a pinball, from door to door she bounced screaming. It was AWESOME!!

Then we moved to another part of the attraction and I was hanging out with the vampire-like ladies. Yeah this is also the time where Photographer JJ thought it would be a good idea to have me see "the big monster that hugs." Yeah after that I squealed and ran smack into the camera with my eye. Not the best idea.

We scared some peeps there and then it was time to move on. Well, first let me tell you that some girls were trying to scare their friend in the porta potty and yes, I went over, snuck up behind them and scared them.. haaa. Honestly it felt good.

Then Photographer JJ, Intern Jordan and I decided to go through the first part. Yeah, this might not have been the best idea. I should have stuck with the scaring... not being the big screaming snorting baby that I am. Let's just say that this year there were no skittles remarks, but I am pretty sure that Intern Jordan may have her hearing back before next semester.

I honestly wish I had nerves to go to all of the haunted attractions in our area. So make sure you get out there... and make sure you know where your buddy is when they come for you.

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