Haunted House brings boost to Hamblen County economy

1:02 PM, Oct 28, 2011   |    comments
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If you are want a good scare this weekend, a Hamblen County haunted house brings to life a so-called true story of murder and mayhem.

It also brings in tourism. For a small county, officials say the scary attraction brings in cash-wielding thrill seekers.

The goal of Frightmare Manor is to scare it's "victims." With a home built in the 1800's, Frightmare Manor brings to life a real-life murder scene.

Owner, Chris Wooden, said, "Jeremiah Lexer is one of Tennessee's early American seriel killers and committed a lot of murders here (the haunted house)."

Carson-Newman graduates, Chris and Michael Wooden, bought the property in 2009. Before that, it sat empty for nearly a decade.

The brothers wanted to use a real haunted home and be away from a big city.

Wooden said, "They come here they spend money, they stay here for an evening. So, it's something we feel we are contributing back to the county."

The Hamblen County Mayor, Bill Brittain, loves the boost to the local economy. It turned a blighted property into a tourism attraction. A bonus said the owner, Chris Wooden, it employees more than 80 people.

Brittain said, "Since we don't have a big tourism attraction, we take one event at a time and this is just a great example of someone being creative and entrepreneurial."

The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce encourages new business and festivals. Anything that will pull people to their neck of the woods.

So, while the brothers goal was just to frighten, they ended up making Hamblen County a destination to remember.

Frightmare Manor runs through this weekend, on Halloween, and then again one more time next weekend. They have four attractions. If you make it through all four successfully, you will get your money back.

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