Update: "Environmental Issues" kill Sierra Nevada deal

6:55 PM, Nov 1, 2011   |    comments
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The Blount Partnership said environmental issues prevented Sierra Nevada Brewing Company from locating in Alcoa.

"It was just more about the humidity in the area and it had things to do with variances in water temperature that they were going to use that is specific to their brewing process," said Jeff Muir, spokesperson for the Blount Partnership.

In a blanket statement released by the Brewing Company Tuesday afternoon, Sierra Nevada did not disclose the reasoning behind their decision.

Muir said a state barrel tax may have also deterred the brewing company.

"It's the beer producers tax or something like that.  I know Tennessee is the highest in the country.  That may or may not have had something to do with it," Muir added.

On a positive note, the Blount Partnership will release a major business announcement Wednesday.  The new employer is expected to bring 125 jobs to Alcoa.

Previous Story:

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company will not be coming to Blount County.

Alcoa was on the short list to be the location for the California craft brewer's expansion on the east coast.  The company is planning to build a production brewery with a pub and gift shop.

The Blount Partnership released this statement Tuesday morning:

"Blount County is no longer under consideration for the Sierra Nevada project. We appreciate the interest the brewing company had in operating a plant in Blount County and understand their reasons for not locating here. The relationships established between Sierra Nevada and state of Tennessee, county and city officials remain strong. The Blount Partnership will continue to work all business leads to bring more companies and jobs into Blount County."

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