East Tennessee Catholics celebrate changes in Mass

7:20 PM, Nov 27, 2011   |    comments
At Seymour's Holy Family Catholic Church Sunday, Father Ragan Schriver prepares the Eucharist
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East Tennessee Catholics are noticing a change in their service. Starting this weekend, the Church is using an updated English translation in its Roman Missal text.

At Seymour's Holy Family Catholic Church, Father Ragan Schriver has been preparing for months.

"This is a period now where we're kind of updating and continually renewing so that it more clearly reflects what we believe about Jesus, and what we want to say to him clearly about how much we love him and how much he loves us," he said.

The Roman Missal text is based on the Bible. For centuries, it has guided Catholics through the Mass. Every service worldwide follows the same text, and recites the same prayers and song.

Until the 1960s, Catholic's heard the Mass in Latin. Following the Second Vatican Council, the Church decided to translate the Mass into the vernacular - the spoken language of each country.

"I think the English translation was more 'thought-for-thought.' We are [now] going to 'word-for-word' translation of the Latin mass," said Fr. Schriver.

He says the changes this year will bring parishioners closer to an exact translation, making it easier to speak with God.

"If I'm speaking to someone that's really important, I want to speak very clearly and and understand who I'm speaking to," he said. "If I'm going to talk to God, I want to make sure I'm saying the right thing."

Schriver prepared guide sheets for his parishioners, who followed along fairly smoothly during Sunday's 10:30 service.

Church member and youth leader Tom Miklusicak said the message remains the same.

"We're still here to love and adore God. Change in the words should hopefully help us to become better people at worshiping our Lord," he said.

The change goes into effect at the start of the new Catholic liturgical year, which begins during the Christmas season of Advent.

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