Couple loves each other and the Smokies

5:26 PM, Feb 14, 2012   |    comments
Dave and Peggy Colgan
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A couple from Indiana will celebrate Valentine's Day in East Tennessee. It seems fitting because visiting the Smokies is their family tradition.

"My grandparents came here, my parents, and they brought me lots of times. And so I said Dave that's the perfect place for a honeymoon. We've got to go to the Smoky Mountains," Peggy Colgan explained.

The couple from Indiana honeymooned there in 1962.

"The Gillette motel in Gatlinburg is where we stayed," she said.

They've been coming back ever since, at least once a year.

"As we had children we always brought them, our kids love it, we have three children. And then two of our sons, we have two sons and a daughter, and both of our sons brought their brides here when they were married," she said.

Her husband, Dave Colgan said, "There was a few times when she would say maybe we ought to go somewhere else and we'd think about it and we'd explore and we always came back. There's a magnet here that draws us here."

During their visits, Dave and Peggy Colgan just relax and recharge.

He's a semi-retired pastor who enjoys getting away with family.

"We love it. We love the mountains. We love the peacefulness of it," Peggy said.

Dave said, "We love to go the little shops and so forth and we love to eat in all the restaurants and we explored those. We camped for a number of years and we enjoyed that. There's variety, something new. Every time we come there's something new."

PBS chose the Colgan family to be profiled for a new series, 'Getting Away Together,' based on their long history of family getaways to the Smokies.

"There's 12 of us and all 12 were here and we just had a wonderful, wonderful week," Peggy said.

A camera crew followed them for a week as they toured Sevier County.

"We went to Dollywood, we went to Splash Country, we went over to the aquarium in Gatlinburg, that was really special," she said.

Dave said, "We've seen clips of most of the material but we are really excited about the final product."

The Colgan Family will see their episode for the first time Wednesday morning at a screening at the Forge Cinemas in Pigeon Forge.

"Family is a very important value to us and we cherish our time together," Dave said.

Dave and Peggy have been together a long time. Their shared faith has strengthened their half-century marriage.

"That's number one, praying together and reading the Bible together, so I think that's number one and then just give and take in marriage. I think it's so important to, you know, if we know we're wrong we say we're wrong and make up really quickly," Peggy said.

Dave said, "We have complemented each other so very well. She is absolutely a fantastic wife. She has been a partner for me in ministry through the years, a partner as parents we've done it together, and now we're grandparents together as partners and we love it."

And for their 50th anniversary this summer they know where they'll be.

"We'll come to the Smokies. Absolutely, that's a given. Definitely, we'll be here on June 23rd."

The premiere of their episode of 'Getting Away Together' will be shown Wednesday morning at 10:30 at the Forge Cinemas in Pigeon Forge.

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