Darin' Erin: Fire Twirler

5:35 PM, Feb 22, 2012   |    comments
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There is nothing like a little dare to make sure you are awake. This happened to Photographer JJ on our last outing, or should I saw oww-ting.

We headed up to Sevier County to hang out with Lenie Lanc. You may not know this, but she's a World Champion twirler.

We started out easy enough, but then I went for the toss. Seems my baton flew out of my hand and bounced off the floor. This was when Photographer JJ bent over in pain and hit the floor. Let's just say this was probably not one of his favorite dares. But now that he's okay it's funny.

We kept going even if he did flinch the whole time I had a baton in my hand. heh...I have one at home I might bring in just to scare him.

Lenie was very patient and the gals getting ready for their big competition were very nice and only laughed a little. I think they might have been a little scared of me wielding a baton as well.

Check out their webpage if you get a minute.

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