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Lincoln Davis files class action lawsuit after being purged from voter rolls

11:42 AM, Mar 12, 2012   |    comments
Lincoln Davis
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 PDF Document: Lincoln Davis lawsuit

A former Tennessee Congressman has filed a class action lawsuit against the State of Tennessee, after he was not allowed to vote on Super Tuesday.

On March 6, Former Congressman Lincoln Davis attempted to vote in Pall Mall, the Fentress County precinct he says he's been voting in since 1995.  He was told his name no longer appeared on the voter rolls, and was not allowed to cast a ballot.  Davis says that's the first time he's not voted since 1964.

On Monday, Davis announced he has filed a class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee to challenge the actions taken by Tennessee state government officials to unlawfully purge voters from the state's voting rolls.

Congressman Davis is seeking a federal court order requiring the State of Tennessee to restore the names of all Tennesseans who were improperly purged from the State's voting rolls.

"This lawsuit is not about me," Congressman Davis said, "Rather, I'm taking this action to ensure that the State of Tennessee is required to restore all Tennesseans to the voting rolls whose names were improperly removed."

Congressman Davis is represented by the law firm of Barrett Johnston, LLC, a law firm with a rich history of success in handling class action litigation and civil rights litigation, including voting rights cases, on behalf of individuals whose rights have been violated.

In bringing this action, founding partner, George Barrett said in a press release, "The right to vote is fundamental to any democracy, but it's especially important to our American democracy, given the long history of government undermining the right to vote. Our law firm is committed to representing individuals, like Congressman Davis, whose right to vote has been violated by what we believe is a concerted effort by state government officials to suppress the vote in Tennessee this election cycle."

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