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Injured marine makes surprise visit home

11:31 PM, Apr 27, 2012   |    comments
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For the first time since he lost both legs in an explosion in Afghanistan, a Claiborne County marine is back home in East Tennessee.

Lance Corporal Cody Evans was injured back in December during a blast from an IED.

Since the explosion, Evans has been in rehab, and is learning to use his prosthetic legs.

Meanwhile his Claiborne County community has stepped up in a big way, making improvements to his home and raising money for him and his family.

Friday night, Evans found a way to say thanks to his supporters.

He surprised the community by coming to an auction held in his honor.  They welcomed him with a hero's homecoming.

"When we walked in and everybody was standing and clapping for him, it was more than I could ever ask for," said Evan's mother and caretaker, Regina Evans.

"We wanted to come in under the radar," said Lance Corporal Cody Evans. 

Evans said he normally doesn't like this much attention, so when he asked for a leave from rehab, he decided to keep it secret until he showed up.

He knew from the calls and messages how much it would mean to this community to shake their hands.

The outpouring of support has taken a load off the shoulders of his mom, who is also his caretaker.

"Knowing that everything here is taken care of... I can concentrate on him," said Regina Evans.

The support has left Evans feeling proud to be from Claiborne County.

"I knew that things like this were capable of happening, I just didn't expect it," he said. "Thanks again; it really means a lot."

He also has plans to go to his high school reunion Saturday night.

Friday night he enjoyed his brand new suite at his home, which has been remodeled by volunteers.

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