Pit bulls that bit 3 people get death sentence

4:28 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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Two dogs that attacked three people a couple of weeks ago will be euthanized.

The dogs escaped from their backyard on Baxter Avenue in Mechanicsville in late April.

While roaming around, the two dogs attacked a man walking his dog and two more people.

The dog's owner, Tasha Wallace, pleaded guilty Wednesday to not having proper city and rabies tags for her pets.

She agreed to surrender the dogs, which allows Young-Williams Animal Center to put them down.

Wallace has to pay nearly $230 dollars in fines and court costs.

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Update Monday 9:43 a.m.

A KPD spokesman has identified three dog bite victims who they say were attacked this weekend by two pit bulls.  Police also released the name of the dogs' owner.

Police say two pit bulls escaped their enclosure in Mechanicsville on Saturday and went on to attack three people and two dogs.  All three people, 54-year-old James Hill of Boyd Street, 54-year-old Ollie Messer of Iredell Avenue, and 42-year-old Selena Jones also of Iredell Avenue, were treated and released from Fort Sanders Hospital for the dog bite wounds.

Police cited the owner of the dogs, 32-year-old Tasha Wallace of Baxter Avenue with two counts of animal at-large and two counts of violation of rabies and city tags.

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Knoxville police say two pit bulls escaped their enclosure in Mechanicsville on Saturday and went on to attack three people and two dogs.

The dogs escaped from their enclosure on Baxter Avenue and attacked a dog being walked by its owner. The man suffered several bites to his hand trying to separate the dogs, but with the help of a neighbor, he was able to tie up the pit bull with a leash.

Police say the pit bull managed to chew through the leash and then attacked another woman, biting her on the arm. Neighbors again were able to drive the dog away, but it later wandered into another yard in the 1200 block of Iredell Avenue and attacked a dog there. The owner of that dog, Ollie Messer, suffered bite wounds trying to separate the pit bull from his dog.

"I got him off, threw him out the fence once, then he came back up across the fence, told my sister to get him back in the house," Messer said.

Animal control officers took both pit bulls to Young-Williams Animal Center, where they are under quarantine. The owner, Tasha Wallace, voluntarily surrendered the dogs. She says they this behavoir isn't typical of her dogs.

"They've never attacked anybody, I think this was just a misunderstanding of people trying to get in between a dog fight," Wallace said.

Police say all of the injuries suffered are non-life-threatening, and there are no criminal charges pending at this time.

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