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Tye Dye T-shirts

8:44 AM, May 3, 2012   |    comments
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Tie-dyeing is the perfect way to keep kids entertained on a summer day. Your kids will love creating something they can wear!

Garbage bags, tape,
100% cotton t-shirts,
large bowl of soapy water,
paper towels, buckets,
2 or more colors of fabric dye,
salt (1 cup per bucket),
rubber bands,
sealable plastic bags,
and latex gloves

Cover the area you will be tie-dying with disposable garbage bags. Have paper towels and a bowl with soapy water on hand. Lay shirt out flat and decide where you want the center of the design to be. Pinch this up and tie it will a rubber band one inch from the top. Fasten the shirt with rubber bands in 2 to 3 inch sections. If you want a multicolored design, dunk sections in different colors. Hold for 3-5 minutes. After shirt is soaked, wring it out and place it in sealable plastic bag overnight. (leave rubber bands on) The next morning, put on rubber gloves and rinse the shirt with warm then cool water, remove rubber bands. Wash in the washing machine with cold water, hang shirt to dry, wear your new tie-dye shirt!        

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