Darin' Erin: Bus-y Driver

2:35 PM, May 9, 2012   |    comments
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So.. you never know what the day has in store. Photographer JJ and I headed to Chilhowee Park to meet the folks from Knoxville Area Transit to learn to drive a bus.

Ok, this is something I have never even thought of doing. Also, having a pond at the end of our little track was not something that was thrilling to me. I'm not sure my driving instructor Rodney knew what was in store for him.

He brought us over a "training" bus, probably so the people of Knoxville would be safe since they won't put it out on the open road.

I hopped aboard and learned that nothing in there looks like my car. Nothing. There are lots of buttons, knobs and things that make a lot of noise.

Rodney goes over some of the buttons and then I realized that Photographer JJ was standing outside not wanting to get on. Hmm, has he seen me drive before?

Before we start, all Rodney can say is "watch out for the lake." Jeez... thanks for the support, pal. I'm kidding, he was quite helpful and a very good teacher. Well, until I almost took out that garbage can. Don't tell the city.

I was pretty proud of myself when I hit 5 miles an hour.  I also scared myself when I went over a bump and the seat started rocking.  Breathe Donovan, you've got this.

So off we went!  Still no JJ on board.  Chicken. We made it around Chilhowee Park and I'm pretty sure my quotes from the movie "Speed" fell on deaf ears.

So suffice it to say, I am no Sandra Bullock and Rodney was a very good Keanu Reeves telling me what to do.


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