Eaglet reunites with his parents

3:49 PM, May 8, 2012   |    comments
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McLEOD COUNTY, Minn. - After spending more than 24 hours in the nest alone, eaglet Harmon reunited with his parents Monday night.

After being seen circling the nest for a few hours, the eagles finally landed around 7 p.m.

People around the world were able to watch the family reunion courtesy of the Minnesota Bound eagle cam.

Harmon, a three-week old baby eagle, was removed from the nest on Friday after his wing got stuck in a corner. His wing was wounded so badly it became infected with maggots.

The eaglet was treated at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center and placed back into the nest on Sunday.

Officials at the Raptor Centered worried whether Harmon's parents would come back to the nest.

Eagles typically abandon the nest after 48 hours without their young.

"This is the best outcome. This is absolutely the best outcome. We'll keep everybody away from the nest area so there's no more disturbance, but the adults will stay and they'll feed and this is the best place for that chick," said Dr. Julia Ponder with the U of M Raptor Center.

Ponder said they struggled with the decision to step in again but didn't think Harmon would have survived another night alone in the nest. There are plenty of predators out there like raccoons and owls and the chick is small and defenseless.

When they arrived to take the bird back with them, they noticed the mother circling nearby, and decided to wait. A good decision considering mom and dad joined the nest again and started feeding Harmon the fish left by the Raptor Center handler yesterday

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