Darin' Erin: Nanny McNo-way

4:50 PM, May 9, 2012   |    comments
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Just when you thought it was safe to pick up the phone... Kim calls me and says, "Oh, do you have a Mother's Day dare?" You would think I knew better ny now.

"Why no, I do not," I answered, and as soon as it came out of my mouth, I was worried. See, Kim and Mandy Watson of The Restoration House of East Tennessee are friends.

So I agreed to come help out with their kids for an afternoon. 5 kids... and they would be around. What could be the problem?

So Photographer JJ and I headed to the house and were greeted by three very large German sheperds. Hmm.. I wonder if Rin Tin Tin times three is friendly?

We head to the door and that's where this dare starts. Let's just say getting in the line to pick up kids made me think of Mr. Mom "North to pick up, South to drop off," or something like that... Did I mention it is pouring rain?

So we get three back to the house to add to the two that were there. Ahem, then the doorbell rang. Isn't there a movie where the babysitter should never answer the doorbell?

Oh yay, three more kids! I'm not even going to get into the rest of this because I believe it was a blur... and I was wearing a baby Bjorn. That right there my friends is the last thing I remember.  I said "Did I just walk onto the set of the Hangover."

So to get the whole feel for what my day was like, please have a gander at the video.

If you still need to do some shopping stop by one of the malls Thursday. We will be at West Town Mall during Mom's night out. The Restoration House is having a pretty interesting shindig and I hear that there will be some cool things up for auction and that some lucky moms will have a new look by the time they leave the mall.


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