Yearbook article causes controversy in Lenoir City

9:20 PM, May 10, 2012   |    comments
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A yearbook article in Lenoir City started a debate about how much personal information school yearbooks should share.

Zac Mitchell is a senior at Lenoir City High School.

In this year's yearbook, Mitchell was the subject of an article about being openly gay.  The story is titled "It's O.K. To Be Gay".

"I came out to the public in my eighth grade year.  Someone at school had made a gay joke about me and I was like, 'I am gay, so what?," Mitchell was quoted saying in the story.  "There will always be people who bully me for being gay, but I don't care.  It doesn't affect me and it never has.  That's probably why they keep doing it."

According to superintendent Wayne Miller, a large number of parents shared their frustration over the yearbook spread with the board of education Wednesday night during a meeting.  The group does not believe the story belonged in the book.

"The school board has made a commitment to investigate fully and fairly the content and the intent of what is in the yearbook.  I feel very confident that the outcome of that will result in a process that better serves the students," Miller said Thursday afternoon.

Mitchell is also receiving support.  The Facebook fan page "Take A Stand Against the Ignorance In Lenoir City" has more than 16,000 likes. 

The board of education has not announced when it will take up the matter further.

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