Darin' Erin: I'm on a BOAT

3:41 PM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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Seems we have been doing more than just driving people crazy this month! I tried my hand at a KAT bus and now a boat... well not just a boat a floating home, if you will.

Photographer JJ akss, "Do you know how to drive a houseboat?" I was like "Um, no." So then I got a text from a friend and it hit me!! His Dad is the king of houseboats up in Speedwell at Flat Hollow Marina.

It's right around the corner from Knoxville and Gary was ready for us. Just remember if you go to bring a lot of sunscreen, says the kid with freckles.

So Gary gave us the 411 and then almost handed me the keys, but not before making sure the guys were ready to fend off the boat. I'm pretty sure I should stick to kayaks and such. There is no bumper big enough for my driving an 80 foot boat.

Let's just say that maybe I am a little heavy handed on the the wheel. After a little while I started to get it down pat... until the channel ended and I got a little nervous. This might have also been the same time I yelled "Iceberg." I'm not sure why I pretend that I know so many movie lines, it's actually annoying to most of the people around me, so I try and keep them so I can annoy you guys.

So we got out and made it back I do have to say I think Gary got a little nervous as we headed back to port because as we got close, he took the helm. This is also the entire marina, so can you actually blame him?

We had fun and I'm proud to say I made it without harming anything. I'm also pretty impressed that we found it on the first try; I thought it was going to be out there, but nope straight on and one or two right hand turns. See? Even Photographer JJ could find it without asking. I'm thinking we need to rent a boat for a Darin' Erin party.

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