Knoxville-based Marble City Brewing Company is now Saw Works Brewing Company

11:40 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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If you're hankering for a craft beer from Knoxville-based Marble City Brewing Company, ask for Saw Works Brewing Company instead -- it's their new name.

"It's a fresh start," head brewer Dave Ohmer said while pouring a Pale Ale, the company's first new beer.

"It's an idea for this town- beer and this town, and that's what we're going to stick with," he added.

However, these kegs at the E. Depot Avenue company were in limbo at one point.

New Mexico company called "Marble Brewery" slapped the Marble City owners with a lawsuit, saying the name was too similar. The two companies have different logos and imagery.

Adam Palmer from the former Marble City/current Saw Works said the brewery didn't want to go into a two-year-long battle with the other "marble."

"We felt that this was our best interest as a business, as a corporation, moving forward to do just that -- move forward," Palmer said.

The name Marble City has Knoxville historical references, but Saw Works has a past too.

"Saw Works Brewing Company came from the building we're operating out of. It used to be called 'Wallace Saw Works,' and they were the largest saw works company at one point," Palmer said.

The change meant everything that had the red Marble City logo had to go. Also, brewers could no longer make beer under the Marble City title.

"All beers that we produced at this point under the 'Marble City' name we will not bring those names back," Palmer added.

Now, owners call it a new beginning. At the Causal Pint in West Knoxville Thursday, the first glass of the Saw Works Pale Ale was served with a smile.

Owners hope they'll be smiling too, as they embark on this new beginning.

"It's a lot of work, but we're proud of it," Ohmer said.

So far, there's only one beer make for Saw Works Brewing Company.  Palmer said to expect more kegs with different varieties in coming months with a different taste than what they previously served.

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