Worm Poo helps business owners hit pay dirt

5:45 PM, May 25, 2012   |    comments
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Down in Etowah, Tennessee, Caye Stafford and Vern Redmile have been raising worms and selling their castings for about a year now.

"Right there is mother-nature in a bag," says Redmile. "That's really the only way we can put it. It will not burn. It will no hurt any plant. You can take the most delicate plant you have and this stuff will help it."

"Our flowers have just gone crazy," says Stafford. Bushes that have always just been bushes, now are pretty and green. We've done a lot of side by side comparison, so that we are sure that what we say, it was it is."

They sell their castings under the name "Worm Works", at various co-ops around the regions well as at the Market Square Farmers' Market, every Saturday in downtown Knoxville. You can also reach them by phone (423) 263-0621 or (423) 572-0348.


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