Downtown YMCA reopens after damaged sprinkler flooded building

11:28 AM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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Knoxville's Downtown YMCA reopened Friday, as expected, after a damaged sprinkler flooded much of the building.

Some parts of the building remained closed because of water damage, including the Group Exercise Gym.

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Cleanup is going well at the Downtown YMCA, after a ceiling collapse damaged the sprinkler system, flooding part of the building.

According to a letter sent to members, they plan to reopen Friday morning at 5:30 am, with the exception of the Group Exercise Gym, which was severely damaged.

Classes for Thursday are being moved to the Cansler YMCA.

They advise members to check out their Facebook page for frequent updates about any changes to class schedules.

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The Downtown YMCA is closed because of flooding from a damaged sprinkler line.  Officials said they hoped to reopen most of the facility by Friday morning.

In an email to members, officials said that currently 75% of the facility is seriously flooded.  The cleanup has started, but will remain closed until the damage is repaired and the building is safe.

YMCA officials said the ceiling over the third floor racquetball court, which is 80 years old, collapsed and severed a sprinkler line.  The worst of the damage is there, and it will likely not reopen as quickly as the rest of the building.  Several inches of water also covered the gym floor Wednesday morning.  Officials had several fans out trying to dry the floor.

The YMCA encourages members to use the Cansler YMCA while they are closed.  It is located at 616 Jessamine Street.  The number is (865) 637-9622.

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