Judge Blackwood emails concern district attorney

7:18 PM, Jun 6, 2012   |    comments
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For the second time, Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood has asked for new trials in the Channon Christian and Chris Newsom murders.

Blackwood filed the order Tuesday afternoon.

Friday, the District Attorney General's Office of the Sixth Judicial District asked Blackwood to remove himself from the case.  Their Motion To Recuse includes emails the state said the judge sent to attorneys involved in the case.

In a December 2011 email Blackwood types,"I prefer this method.  Unless the media hacks our email, this precludes our discussion from the public..."

In the same email, the judge writes a spin-off of "The Night Before Christmas".  The last line names a local news outlet.

The December email ends with, "Rumors continue to abound in this case.  The latest hot tip to gossip is that Mr. Bosch, the attorney for Judge Baumgartner, is assisting the state in the appellate process.  Surely this is a rumor.  If not, there may be some real ethical problems that may need to be addressed."

Fast forward to last month, Blackwood writes," I have heard rumors that Cobbins is not ready for trial."

Prosecutors worry Blackwood relies on rumors.  A conflict with the code of judicial conduct, the District Attorney's Office calls it.

Blackwood nor the Knox County District Attorney's Office offered comments Wednesday.

Click here to read the emails.

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