Man left behind in Tenn. while family traveled on vacation

9:24 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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Vacation plans went awry for a father from Texas when his family accidentally left him behind in Tennessee.

The man says his family left him after they stopped in Memphis to eat and fill up the gas tank. He says he went inside to get his change for the gas, but his family thought he was already loaded up, and too off.

He says he tried calling his own cell phone, which was in the van, but nobody answered.

The man got nervous and thought maybe his kids had been kidnapped.

"Six different cell phones and nobody answers, and my phone is in there because it's on the charger, and nobody answers it, and then it starts going straight to voicemail. I mean, that's odd. So I started imagining the worst case possible scenarios. So I called the cops," said the man.

Officers came on scene, but the man says folks at a local hotel came to his rescue with a computer. He used Facebook to reach his family.

By the time he made contact with them, they were already 100 miles away.

Now, the dad says the entire incident was simply a huge mistake.

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