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Update: Rescuer describes electric current that killed boy

11:25 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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One child has died and another is in critical condition following a electrocution incident Wednesday afternoon on Cherokee Lake in Grainger County.

The boy who died was 10 years old, and the boy who was resuscitated is 11, TWRA officials said.

Layel said the 11-year-old boy was transported via Lifestar to East Tennessee Children's Hospital, where he was on life support Wednesday night.

The incident happened around 2:15 p.m. on Cherokee Lake in Bean Station, at the German Creek Marina.

In all, six people were transported to the hospital, TWRA and Sheriff Layel said.  That number includes three children and three adults.

Officials say the boys were swimming between two house boats when the electrocution occurred.  When bystanders tried to rescue the boys, they were shocked as well.



Victim speaks out, called 'Good Samaritan' by loved ones

Paul Worley said he was temporarily paralyzed as he was trying to rescue one of the victims Wednesday when he became a victim himself.

"We heard the screaming, and we ran down there and saw a kid and a lady in the water," Worley said from his hospital bed in Morristown.

The visitor from California recalled jumping in the water moments after hearing the stressed calls for help. However, he didn't know at the time that the waters around him were electrified.

"I went down about 3-4 feet, and I figured 'I'm dead' because by then, I knew what it was."

That's when Worley knew he needed help himself.

"You just think you're dying, that's it. It's a weird feeling," he said.

He said as he was being shocked by the electric current, he was trying to get one of the children to a nearby jet ski to get the boy out of the water.

In all, Worley recalls being in the lake for about five minutes before getting out.

"I know when they cut off the electricity from the boat. I didn't feel the electricity anymore."

As he settled into a hospital bed for the night, Worley said if he had a second chance, he would still do the same thing again -- jumping into that lake to rescue the youngsters.

Worley is expected to make a full recovery, and is expected to be released from Lakeway Regional Hospital Thursday.

Sheriff Scott Layel originally said two boys were dead but later reported one was revived by medical personnel.

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