A story of life behind bars with Lemaricus Davidson

11:30 PM, Jul 25, 2012   |    comments
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Kelvin Cowans is a writer from Memphis and a convicted felon. The story he tells is about a criminal East Tennessee is all too familiar with. It's the story of Lemaricus Davidson.

Cowans met Davidson in the West Tennessee State Penitentiary well before he was convicted in the brutal murders of Knox County couple Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in January 2007. 

Cowans was a convicted robber. Davidson was doing time for carjacking. The two bonded on the prison basketball court and barber shop.

"I never met anyone like Lemaricus," said Cowans.

A friendship would form. But eventually Cowans would see a darker side of Davidson. A fellow prison inmate raped by his cell-mate rattled Cowans. Cowans said Davidson was unmoved by it.

"It was at that moment I knew something wasn't right about that cat."

And it got worse. Cowans remembers keeping Davidson from strangling another inmate.

After Cowans was released on probation, he returned home to Memphis and charted a new course. But that wasn't the case when Davidson was released from prison.

"I turned to CNN and here's Lemaricus in handcuffs and shackles.   I'm like 'what in the world has he done?'"

Davidson had done the unimaginable. He carjacked Channon Christian and Chris Newsom from a Knoxville apartment parking lot. They were raped and murdered.

Cowans wrote to Davidson several times and asked "Why?". He never got a response. Cowans sent a final letter and told Davidson we was going to write a book.

Cowans penned the e-book, "The Most Evil Person I Ever Met. My Time in Prison with Lemaricus "Slim" Davidson."

Cowans says it was an attempt to provide a little more closure to those who loved Channon and Chris.

"Often times families never get a chance to hear what a monster was that killed their family because they say they aren't guilty then they won't take the stand.  When they are found guilty they won't address the court because they'll begin the appeal process."

Cowans is now using his story and the story of Lemaricus Davidson to touch other lives. He mentors young people in an effort to keep them from making bad decisions.

"When I look back on it, I never thought my life would come from counting ill gotten money to being a blessing."

Cowan's book is available at www.smashwords.com.  He is donating part of the sales to the funds in memory of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.

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