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Alcoa football looks ahead to new stadium

9:50 PM, Aug 3, 2012   |    comments
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When Alcoa High School Football takes to the field in 2015 Head Coach Gary Rankin hopes to have them walk out on to the nicest stadium in Tennessee.

A half-cent sales tax increase approved by voters on Thursday will fund the renovations.

There's nothing fancy about hard work, and Alcoa puts in plenty during their preseason.

But players and coaches alike are ready to have their facility reflect the prestige of their program.

"We're one of the best football programs in Tennessee," said Rankin. "We feel like we deserve the best for our kids."

Because they are some of the best, winning a total of 12 state titles in their school's history.

"When you come to our high school, you're expecting to win the state championships," said freshman quarterback Mitchell McClurg.

He plans to still be on the team when the transformation takes place.

He hopes the upgrades will enhance school spirit and recruit players to their program.

"I think it will make people want to do better in school to be able to be part of this program," said McClurg.

The renovations will include new home-side bleachers, press box, and field house.

The new stadium will be situated approximately where the current one exists but will be ringed with a nine-lane track.

The field will be upgraded to AstroTurf. Players currently practice on a smaller field adjacent to the game day field, which they share with the middle school.

McClurg says he's looking forward to the changes, but knows there's a lot more to the team than their facility.

"The teams before us put those fans in that stadium. They set the stage for us. We just got to continue it," he said.

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