Controversial book remains on reading list; school adds message to website

7:39 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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A controversial book that's required reading for the STEM students at Hardin Valley Academy remains on the school's approved reading list.

Thursday we told you that the family of one student discovered the book Robopocalypse is peppered with language they consider "foul" like the "f" word and taking the lord's name in vein.

Sam Lee told 10News the school never notified him about the book. He said he feels they showed "disregard for parental consent."

Lee wants the book taken off the required reading list.

The school has now added a message to parents on its website with instructions on how to voice concerns about the book.

According to district officials, a second parent called the central office Friday to complain, but they say several other parents stopped by the school Friday to show support.

District leaders say they continue to look into the process STEM teachers used to vet the book.

It will stay on the approved reading list pending the outcome of that investigation.

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