Your Stories: Florence Bailey

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Florence Bailey

Just about everyone has something nice to say about one local woman.  Others have hilarious stories to share.  She's athletic, she's a die-hard sports fan, but above all, she's known for her good heart.

You might not know Florence Bailey, but after this you might wish you did.

Florence Bailey gets her bowling ball ready and slams the pins like she's been doing this all her life. Well, she has, and she's still going strong at the age of 93.

"Florence was on another team, that team disbanded and we grabbed her up because she was such a jock," says her longtime friend Pam Teague.

Florence is a member of the Bowled and the Beautiful, a women's bowling team at Cherokee Country Club. She also plays a mean game of golf.

"All of our husbands want to play golf with her. I mean she's just so pleasant and such a joy to be around," says Pam.

Florence is a joy and a jock and she has been since her younger years at Union University.

"I was a cheerleader! Yay!" says Florence.

She also coached a high school basketball team. And Vol fans might remember her husband, a former player and coach, John "Skeeter" Bailey.

"One time I asked Florence when I was getting to know her how she got to Knoxville and she said, 'Well, the general called.' She was referring to General Neyland and she says, 'When the General calls, you come or go wherever he tells you',"says Pam.

And they did just that. Florence and Skeeter had a great life in East Tennessee, became great friends with Johnny Majors and his wife, and they traveled the world. In fact, she has quite a few famous friends.

"They have been her family at the University of Tennessee. She and Pat Head Summitt are very dear friends. Florence has played bridge with Pat's mother," says Pam.

Florence is a dedicated sports fan. "Florence enjoys going to all the Lady Vols sports activities. She has continued to go to the football games. She has gone to Lady Vols softball games, doesn't miss a basketball game," says Pam.

As far as her bowling game goes, she is good.

"Her average may be 80, but she will surprise us and bowl a 95," says Pam.

She even has an award named after her. "We recognize a bowler who shows best sportsmanship through the year," says Pam.

"Everybody's nice to me. They let me come," says Florence.

"She is always so pleasant, always with a smile. She's very humble, just easygoing," says Pam.

Florence Bailey, quite the bowler, but it's others who are bowled over by Florence's kindness.

"I've enjoyed my life everywhere," says Florence.

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