Mabel swims to fitness and love

5:44 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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We've been following up on our favorite portly pup, Mabel since January. When beagle mix was adopted by UT Veterinary nutritionist, Dr. Angela Witzel, Mabel weighed in at 67 pounds. Nearly three times her ideal weight.

Mabel has been put on a strict diet and exercise routine over the past 8 months. She walks on an under-water treadmill, and most recently swims laps in the indoor pool at the UT Vet School.

As Mabel has shed the pounds, she has become more out going and active. Thus catching the eye of a fellow campus canine.

"Mabel and Jezzy got to know each other in our little nutrition office because we have a technician working with us and this is her dog," said Dr. Witzel. "We thought it would be kind of fun to put them into the treadmill together.... Jezzy doesn't need to lose any weight. He's very healthy, and is exactly what a dog should look like. So she's kind of got herself a nice fit, buff boyfriend."

Mabel currently weighs 32 pounds, about 10 pounds from her ideal weight. With consistent exercise on the treadmill and in the pool, Dr. Witzel says that Mabel should hit that mark by November.


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