Doctors, dentists fight to keep flouride in Oliver Springs water

9:46 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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Some Oliver Springs leaders want flouride out of the public water supply, but several doctors and dentists are fighting to keep it in.

Thursday, the town held a public meeting about the floride levels.

Over the summer, the town's water board voted to remove flouride altogether from the water system. After that vote, leaders learned they were required under state law to give residents a 30-day notice and hold a public forum, which led to Thursday's meeting.

The mayor, who is also the chair of the water board, says he and other board members believe flouride can be hazardous.

A local dentist says it's something kids need.

"Many Oliver Springs residents are at a disadvantage compared to other areas of the state, larger cities, more populated areas. They have less access to dental care, they may be lower income, and to take flouride out of the water, I think would be a real tragedy for kids growing up," said Dr. Jim Horton.

After hearing from residents, the water board voted to put the issue on the ballot in August of 2013. Until then, flouride will remain in the town's water supply.

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