Homecoming for Hardin Valley student "one to remember"

10:49 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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Megan Hodge did not ask her boyfriend to take part in the homecoming court at Hardin Valley Academy. Instead, she asked her friend Sam Grubbs, and when you see the couple together, you will know exactly why.

"I know that Sam is excited and I'm excited for him to escort me," Hodge said.

Grubbs has Down's Syndrome, and can only communicate mostly with "yes" and "no." So when he was asked by Hodge, a tutor in a special education program at the school, to join him to homecoming court -- he obviously said 'yes'.

"Absolutely fell in love with the class and the students. Sam came to us this year and that's when we met, and he's an absolute blast," Hodge said.

Grubbs' parents, Freddy and Gina, said it is a dream come true to see their son come to the Homecoming Court, let alone go to a dance.

"We came to a game last night, and there was 25 young people that reached out to Sam and as a parent, it's fantastic," said Mr. Grubbs.

Dressed from head to toe, Sam and his date were quite popular among the court's crowds.

"For us, it's once in a lifetime. And for Megan, to think as much of Sam as she has and the way the special needs community is received -- it's fantastic," Grubbs added.

For Megan, she said she couldn't have her dream night go any better.

"I've been honored to have him as my escort. It's a bigger deal for me than it is for him," she said.

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