PIKE brothers vacate house on fraternity row

11:23 PM, Oct 7, 2012   |    comments
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Just two months after the semester started it was move out day for UT's chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

University officials gave members until Sunday at 5 p.m. to completely move out, though the campus police offer cut the guys some slack as they continued hauling out furniture at 5:30 p.m.

PIKE received an indefinite suspension on September 25 after allegations of alcohol abuse at the house, including the now infamous "alcohol enema."

The chapter's president says all 45 members who lived in the house have found other places to go.

President of the local PIKE housing corporation Buddy Heins says they're taking precautions to keep the house in good condition.

Inside the house Sunday the hasty departure was evident in the debris left behind, but most of the damage appears attributable to normal wear and tear.

Heins says they're considering hiring a live-in caretaker to watch over the house while it remains empty.

He expects finding a new tenant will be difficult, and doesn't anticipate getting an offers until next fall.

Campus police are also maintaining an around-the-clock presence at the house until tomorrow night.

UT owns the land, but PIKE owns the building and Heins says the chapter was still paying off state bonds issued to finance a 2008 renovation.

He says the fraternity is current on it's payments and should stay that way through the end of the year.

But even if the letters on the front of the house should change with "butt chugging" making national headlines, it's unlikely anyone will soon forget the PIKE house.

But maybe now that the rooms are empty, they can at least begin to try.

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