Sen. Alexander boasts Romney's debate performance at West Knox meeting

10:17 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
Senator Lamar Alexander/file
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Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says there's one reason why Mitt Romney is getting a boost. Alexander says Romney won the debate.

The Pew Research Center reports Romney is neck and neck with the president among registered voters, and among likely voters, Romney holds a four point edge.

Romney's personal image also improved, with his favorable rating up to 50 percent. The president saw his favorable rating decline to 49 percent, from a 55 percent rating last month.

Senator Alexander spoke Monday evening in Knoxville at the West Knoxville Republican meeting. He told us he believes Mitt Romney most definitely won the debate, and that there's one reason why Romney's numbers are improving: Americans want presidential leadership.

"He showed presidential leadership, and you know what I liked best? I liked it when he talked about how he worked across the aisle of Massachusetts and got results. President Obama is a nice fella, but he hasn't been able to work across the aisle and get results, and I think the American people are simply tired of that. They want a president who can lead, has presidential leadership, can work with Democrats and Republicans and reduce the debt and get the country moving again," Alexander said.

The senator serves on committees overseeing education, clean air, highways, science and the TVA.

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