4-H students use homemade robots to clean up mock oil spills

10:19 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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4-H students cleaned up mock oil spills on Wednesday with their homemade robots. It was all part of the 4-H National Youth Science Day's eco-bot challenge.

Kids from across the country learned about engineering and its impacts on communities and ecosystems by building mini-robots out of a toothbrush and cell phone vibration battery.

In our region, students gathered to build the eco-bots in Knoxville, Greeneville, Murfreesboro and Lexington. 4-H says it's all about fun, hands-on learning.

"Having hands-on activity as opposed to just doing problems on the back of a text book, I think gives them real world experience, and shows them what actual scientists and engineers have to deal with on an everyday basis," said Extension Specialist Lori Gibson.

"It teaches us teamwork and how like the circuits work and also how robots they don't have to be these big scary engineering things. They can be these little things you can do by yourself at home," said Joanna Reed, a Karns Middle School student.

4-H also hopes the experiment will encourage students to consider a future in engineering.

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