Experts explain why we feel so cold & how to protect plants

9:30 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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The past few days have been cold, but colder temperatures await us as winter approaches. So why does the shock of the cold weather have so many of us wrapping up in jackets and hats so early in the season?

Our friend Dr. Bob says it's all about science, and a brain mechanism called the "thermo-regulatory mechanism".

"Now with a cold spell coming in, sometimes the mid-brain doesn't react quick enough to change what the body is feeling, so we're trying to protect ourselves by feeling chilly-- that tells the brain we're chilly, we begin to open up blood vessels in the extremities to warm us up and the mid-brain will soon take over," said Dr. Bob Overholt.

So what about our plants? Are they in danger yet?

For the most part, no, according to the UT Ag Extension.

If you have more delicate potted plants, you can bring them in, but for the most part, plants can take these kinds of temperatures. But if you feel safer covering them up, use fabric. Plastic can do more harm than good.

"The big no no is to cover things with plastic. Plastic will definitely cause more problems, and if you do try to cover things with a sheet, you've got to be absolutely sure the wind won't be blowing where the wind will beat the plants to death," said David Vandergriff.

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