Wiretaps help Knoxville Police, DEA bust drug ring

5:45 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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Knoxville police, working with the Drug Enforcement Administration, used wiretaps to bust a drug ring that stretched from here to California, investigators announced on Thursday.

In all, 31 people face felony conspiracy to distribute charges involving the sale of cocaine, marijuana, and hydrocodone tablets in various drug-free zones.

So far, 29 suspects have been arrested.  Two more arrests are pending.

Investigators said 27 arrests happened in Knoxville.  Two others occurred in California.

KPD officials said they used wiretapping for the first time in connection with the investigation.

Those indicted include:

Matthew Eric Bowling, 35

Chiquata Ceketa Burks, 44

Kristian Travis Cummings, 36

Sanford Brett Cummings, 29

Taurus Lemar Dunn, 34

Jason Nathaniel Haun, 33

Teshaun Levell Holloway, 38

Zerick Jermaine Howell, 28

Matthew Floyd Justice, 37

Lewis Jermaine Maxwell, 33

Nicholas James Mougianis, 38

Anthony Eugene Sanford, 38

Frederick Allen Williams, 34

Tiffany Marie Ault, 26

Brady Chase Benton, 26

Jason Theron Cotner, 41

Bradley Hogue Crossley, 30

Thomas Steven Davis, 27

Robert Junior Matthews, 26

Patric Evan McAfee, 27

William Allen Minnich, 26

Richard Brandon Butler, 35

Scott Derwin Cotner, 57

Jonathan Wright Malone, 33

Norman Dean Petty, 38

Asher Wolford Freeman, 25

John Matthew Galaher, 29

Keith Antwan Turner, 40


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