Messages on 'The Rock' on UT campus urge Dooley's firing

1:32 PM, Oct 14, 2012   |    comments
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Fire Fooley.

That was the message - apparently aimed at Vols Head Coach Derek Dooley - painted on 'The Rock' on the University of Tennessee's Knoxville campus Sunday morning.

The message was accompanied by a crossed-out pair of orange paints as well as the words, "Not SEC-worthy."

The messages were quickly covered with gray paint, however, a move university officials say they were not behind, adding that, in the rare cases it has happened, the university uses white paint.

"We value the Rock as a place to express free speech," according to an email statement from the university. "We will not repaint the Rock unless the message is extremely offensive to the campus community or it crosses the line into obscenity."

The move comes after the Vols lost to Mississippi State 41-31.

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