Vols prepare for No. 1 Alabama

7:05 PM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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The Tennessee football team is trying to rebound off it's loss to Mississippi State from last weekend. However, it won't be an easy task with the top team in the country coming to Neyland Stadium.

"This is the SEC so if you are looking for an easy way through, there isn't one," Dooley said. "Our players are excited about playing these teams, they are. They had something to prove coming into this year, we got kicked around in this league the last two years. We haven't gotten the results that we want, but we are playing better. We certainly are not on that one little area that we have to fix, but what we have to do is say, 'Can we do it every week?' This is a heck of a challenge because now it is everybody getting in the tank, we have the number one team in the country, all that stuff. Let's go out there and compete and see what we've got."

There's been a lot of chatter around Rocky Top concerning Derek Dooley's future at Tennessee.

Running back Devrin Young defended his head coach, "First of all I want to say we appreciate our fans and all the support but sometimes they just miss the big picture. I mean obviously the biggest thing is winning but they don't see the behind the scenes work. Coach Dooley really does care about this program and cares about us individually. There's a number of things you can point out; all the hours he puts in, the VFL program. He cares about everything. Its easy to get sidetracked sometimes but we are just going to ignore that and focus on this week."

Daniel Hood said he understands why fans are upset. "That's their job. They have to hold us accountable for what we do, and we have not put out a good brand for them right now and they should be upset with us and so we have to go prove them wrong."

The players and coaches are trying to put the loss to Mississippi State, and the best way to do that it to focus on Alabama. Hood says he remembers stories from former letterman talking about the days when they beat the Tide.

"I think it was manning who directed the band when he beat Alabama. I'm excited for it and after talking to Conderedge and stuff like that who I don't think ever beat Bama and to see what it means to him and people like that.  And I think that they said anytime they have a letterman's meeting they always start out with stand up if you have beaten alabama and so thats just kind of the nature of the tennessee history and what its about."


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