Knox commissioner proposes roadside vendor laws

7:06 PM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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County laws could soon change for people wishing to set up occasional roadside vendors.

Knox County Commissioner R. Larry Smith is proposing the amendments. He says he frequently gets complaints from people who think the vendors make the community look bad.

"It's just a major eyesore, the constituents are just really upset. There probably hasn't been a day that goes by that I haven't gotten an email that says, 'What can we do?'"says Smith.

The new law would regulate "transient vendors," beginning by changing the definition of the term to this;

"Transient vendor means any person who brings into temporary premises and exhibits stocks of merchandise to the public for the purpose of selling or offering to sell the merchandise to the public. Transient vendor does not include any person selling goods by sample, brochure, or sales catalog for future delivery; or to sales resulting from the prior invitation to the seller by the owner or occupant of a residence."

The law would provide some exemptions for those selling produce or firewood.

The proposed amendments would also require roadside vendors to get a license from the county at a cost of $50 that would last for two weeks.

Vendors would not be permitted to set up or park anywhere anywhere that could obstruct the view of traffic.

Code enforcement, according to officials, would likely only investigate those sites they receive complaints about.

Commission is scheduled to vote on the issue next Monday.

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