Adults spending more on themselves for Halloween

10:32 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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A growing number of adults say they plan to participate in Halloween this year.

The National Retail Federation estimates people in the U.S. will spend a record $8 billion on Halloween decorations and costumes in 2012, and much of the spending is adults spending money on themselves.

The NRF estimates seven years ago 52.5% of adults reported they planned to celebrate Halloween. This year that figure has grown to 71.5%

For the first time in 20 years Angela Moore is picking out a costume.

The mother of four says she's excited for her first adult-costume party. Friday she visited Halloween City at Turkey Creek to help her daughters shop.

She's already decided what she'll be.

"I am excited about it, it's a surprise. I haven't told anybody what it is," says Moore.

It's tough to guess too, considering the selection the store offers.

Halloween City District Manager Robbie Paskiewicz says decor sells best, but adult Halloween costumes come second.

Of adults, more women seem to dress up than men, according to Paskiewicz. And the racy Halloween costumes make up a large amount of their inventory and their sales.

"Kid's costumes are normally used one time," says Paskiewicz. "The parents will spend something they consider disposable."

But adult Halloween lasts more than just one night, so Paskiewicz says grown-ups buy more and spend more.

"A lot of adults will buy a costume that's more expensive and more durable," says Paskiewicz.

And that means more money. USA Today reports the average consumer will spend $125 this Halloween.

That sounds about right to Moore.   

"I have four children. So when you add up- the cost plus mine, we're contributing to that," says Moore.


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